Richard Kiss has opened at comedy clubs:
  • LA Comedy Club at Bally's, Las Vegas
  • Big Al's Comedy Club, Las Vegas
  • Punch Line, San Francisco
Richard has performed on TV:
  • Creepy KOFY Movie Time, KOFY TV 20, San Francisco
  • Pleezz Believe, KTUD TV 25.1, Las Vegas
  • guest on The Nick Bonsanto Show on Sports Byline USA Network, 2013
  • guest on "Ben Feldman Presents: Ben Feldman's The Ben Feldman Show, with Ben Feldman, and Candy Churilla and Microphones", Pirate Cat Radio, San Francisco, many times between 2008-2010
  • guest on "Rocking Comedy Show", podcast, Las Vegas, 2012
  • guest on "What's So Funny?" with host Guy MacPherson, CFRO 102.7 FM, Vancouver, December 2008
Other Clubs
  • Rooster T Feathers, Sunnyvale, California
  • Bonkerz, Las Vegas
  • Bunjo's, Dublin, California
  • Castagnola's, San Francisco
  • Yuk Yuk's, Vancouver
  • San Jose Improv
  • COBO, Oakland, California
  • Purple Onion, San Francisco
  • Stand Up Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Tommy T's, Pleasanton, California
  • The Comedy Mix, Vancouver
  • Comedy Spot, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Cobb's, San Francisco
  • Comedy Store, Los Angeles
  • Stand Up New York
  • Meatheads, Las Vegas
  • Comet Club, San Francisco
  • MVP's, Las Vegas
  • The Layover
  • Angelica's Bistro, Redwood City, California
  • Alliante Station, Las Vegas
  • Sam's Town, Las Vegas
  • Winner's Casino, Winnemucca, Nevada
  • Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
  • Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
  • Kaliopi Hookah Lounge, Las Vegas
  • Pirate Cat Radio, San Francisco
  • Our Little Theater, San Francisco
  • Alexis Park, Las Vegas
  • Elks Lodge, Watsonville, California
  • Sanders Winery, Pahrump, Nevada
  • 750 Pub, Stanford, Califonia
Richard used to be a math and physics whiz kid. He still knows a few things about a few things.
  • awarded honorable mention in the UBC essay contest for grade twelve students
  • placed first in British Columbia, 40th in North America out of 400,000 on the American High School Mathematics Exam
  • placed fourth in Canada out of 8000 on the grade 12 Euclid math contest sponsored by the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • awarded Honourable mention William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, tied for 41.5 place of 2700 North American math students
  • one of five members of Canadian Physics Olympiad Team
  • awarded the Simon Fraser University Entrance Scholarship, CDN$25,000 + tuition
  • offered University of B.C. entrance scholarship worth CDN$20,000
  • graduated Simon Fraser University (14,000 students), with an Honours BSc in Mathematics
  • awarded Dean of Science Medal for highest science grade point average with a GPA of 4.21 (A+ = 4.33, A = 4.00)
  • GRE scores: verbal 620/800, quantitative 800/800, analytical 790/800, math (subject) 990/990
  • awarded Chancellor's graduate scholarship at UCLA, worth $12,500/year + all fees
  • awarded an MA in Mathematics from UCLA

Richard Kiss is a software generalist. His current interests primarily include web development with jQuery, Django, Tornado and Python-based tools. He enjoys both high-level architectural design of scalable systems, and detail work.

A selection of tools he loves include Python, Django, tornadoweb, JavaScript, jQuery, git, Mac OS X and Linux.

Richard authored and maintains pycoin and pycoinnet, Python-based bitcoin utility libraries, and is available for bitcoin consulting.

Work Experience

Director of Network Engineering, BigPark
  • designed, implemented, deployed and debugged web presence and persistence API for BigPark's web-based Flash games
Software Engineer, Health Hero Network
  • designed, developed, implemented, tested and debugged embedded 68K ROM software using Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Mac OS 8, MPW, FreeBSD workstations, Solaris, EPROM burners, hardware debugging boards, serial communications hardware, modems, Linux, Perforce source-code control system, lex, yacc, the GCC C compiler, emacs
  • developed, tested Java-based web applications using WebLogic, Java tools, Solaris
  • proposed, designed, developed, implemented, tested and debugged web-based applications using WebObjects, EOF and OpenStep; used Mac OS X server, GCC Objective-C compiler, webscript, HTML, Oracle database
  • proposed, designed, developed, implemented, tested and debugged call center using Python, WebObjects, FreeBSD, call-center multi-serial port hardware, modems, OpenSSL
Creator of Macintosh Shareware
  • "HTML Colors" application
  • "Autothenticate" system extension
Software Engineer, Mpath Interactive, Inc.
  • TCP network, encryption, Solaris, Windows NT, Perl, Java programming
Software Engineer, Catapult Entertainment, Inc.
  • reverse-engineered Super Nintendo 65816 assembly language games and patched them to be compatible for play over phone lines with Catapult's XBAND 2400 baud modem
  • created generalized communications, patching and XBAND OS interface library in 65816 assembly language
  • created and documented Sega Saturn XBAND game library for use with Sega's 14400 baud modem, in C++ & SH-2 assembly, which reliably transmits game data, with error checksum and correction, and ensures minimal latency
Developer Support Engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment
  • set up and maintained the Developer Support BBS, responded to developers' queries about Sony PlayStation hardware, development libraries and tools
  • one of three technical representatives for Sony in North America
  • developed, debugged and examined sample code in C, C++ and MIPS R3000
Software Engineer for Electronic Arts Canada
  • programmed assembly language library routines for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and various utilities
Software Engineer for Distinctive Software Inc.
  • programmed assembly language library routines for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis
High School
  • sold two articles and programs to a computer magazine
Richard has been a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada since 2010. Besides stand-up comedy, and computer programming, Richard also enjoys karaoke, basketball, puzzles and making lists of things he likes to do.